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06 22nd, 2009

Rising dramatically from a hillside in Switzerland, this monolithic concrete home was designed by the German firm(AFGH) of Andreas Fuhrimann and Gabrielle Hächler. The home serves as the vacation residence of an art gallery owner, and its austere concrete construction creates a gallery-like atmosphere in the home’s interior. The use of concrete transitions seamlessly from exterior to interior, where floors, ceilings, and walls are all formed by the material. Niches, benches, and shelving were incorporated into the concrete formwork to create integrated custom elements. In keeping with the gallery theme, furnishings are sparse and sculptural. The interior also features unfinished plywood accents to offset the use of concrete. The overall form is a slightly skewed cube, with interior volumes extruded from the façade. The architects chose concrete as a modern interpretation of the traditional architectural vernacular surrounding the home, which consists primarily of historic stone homes. Fuhrimann and Hächler tout their design as a modern reflection of the past.